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The Ultimate Guide to the Barfield TT1200A (101-00930)

The Ultimate Guide to the Barfield TT1200A (101-00930)

The Ultimate Guide to the Barfield TT1200A (101-00930) Turbine Temperature Test Set


Precision testing just got a whole lot better with the TT1200A. This reliable, accurate turbine temperature tester redefines excellence with its array of features designed to elevate your testing processes to unprecedented levels. From its microprocessor-based technology to its ruggedized enclosure, the Barfield TT1200A (101-00930) Turbine Temperature Test Set encapsulates reliability, accuracy, and versatility. Let's explore in detail how this device can revolutionize your testing procedures.

At the heart of the TT-1200A lies microprocessor-based technology, ensuring enhanced performance and precise measurements. Its backlit alphanumeric display provides crystal-clear visibility, even in challenging lighting conditions, while user prompts streamline operation for an intuitive experience. With a temperature measurement range spanning from -200 to 1372 °C, resistance measurement ranges from 0 to 19.999KW, and insulation measurement ranges up to 200MW, the Barfield TT-1200A caters to a wide array of testing requirements. Powered by common "C" batteries and encased in a ruggedized enclosure, it's built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments.

The TT1200A simplifies the testing process with its direct reading capabilities and multi-function versatility. Experience accuracy like never before, with ± 0.3 °C temperature accuracy and automatic temperature compensation ensuring precise measurements every time. Whether you're conducting resistance, insulation, or indicator run-out tests, this device delivers reliable results, reducing maintenance time and costs with its maintenance-friendly design. The user-friendly interface and display features further enhance the user experience, making testing a breeze.

What truly sets the TT 1200A apart are its unmatched capabilities. With the ability to measure resistances down to 0.001W and insulation up to 200MW, this device caters to a wide range of testing needs. Additionally, it can perform indicator run-outs with resolutions of 0.1°C or 1°C, displaying equivalent temperatures in °F or millivolts. As a master indicator for comprehensive testing requirements, the Barfield TT 1200A offers unparalleled versatility, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in various industries.

In terms of specifications, the TT1200A boasts impressive dimensions of Height 7.0 in, Width 11.0 in, Depth 10.0 in, with a weight of 7.3 lbs. Its temperature accuracy of ± 0.3 °C (Typ at 25 °C) ensures reliable performance in any setting. With resistance measurement ranges from 20W to 19.999KW and insulation measurement ranges from 200KW to 199.9MW, the TT1200A offers precise readings across a wide range of values. Moreover, its operating temperature range of -10 to 50 °C and 45 VDC excitation further enhance its versatility and reliability.

The Barfield TT1200A (101-00930) Turbine Temperature Test Set embodies excellence in precision testing, offering a plethora of features, benefits, and capabilities that redefine industry standards. Elevate your testing processes, simplify your operations, and unleash the true potential of precision testing with the TT1200A by your side. Login to our website today to see the TT1200A price or contact us at [email protected]


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