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Top 10 VIAVI Solutions Avionics Test Equipment 2024

Top 10 VIAVI Solutions Avionics Test Equipment 2024

Top 10 VIAVI Solutions Avionics Test Equipment 2024

In the intricate world of avionics, where precision and reliability are paramount, VIAVI Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, VIAVI has consistently delivered top-tier avionics equipment that redefines industry standards. Here are our top 10 VIAVI Solutions avionics test equipment list that are revolutionizing airborne connectivity and network testing, ensuring the skies remain seamlessly connected and safe for all.

1. AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set


The AVX-10K serves as a complete flight line testing solution, catering to the needs of Avionics Technicians with its user-friendly interface. Whether conducting a swift airborne system auto-test or thorough troubleshooting, testing can be conveniently performed around the aircraft or in the cockpit, utilizing the touchscreen display or a mobile device. Its modern interface allows for easy setup, rapid testing, and transferable reporting via USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections, either directly or through the VIAVI Solutions Mobile Tech App.

Available Options:

  • AVX-10K-FLTS – Flight Line Test Set only configuration – allows customer to pick and choose what hardware and software options desired.
  • AVX-10K-NAV – Communication, Navigation package includes the NAV/COMM software options shown and all NAV/COMM required hardware. This package is comparable to the IFR4000.
  • AVX-10K-SVLC – Surveillance package includes Transponder, ADS-B and DME software options and all required hardware like the IFR6000.
  • AVX-10K-CNS – Communication, Navigation and Surveillance package includes all hardware to support all software options. TCAS, UAT and ELT are optional.

2. IFR6000 Transponder/DME/TCAS Flight Line Test Set


The IFR6000 is a compact, lightweight, and weatherproof unit engineered for testing transponder modes A/C/S, 1090 MHz ADS-B, 978 MHz UAT, TCAS I and II, and DME. Its user-friendly interface displays all commonly needed parameters on-screen, ensuring ease of use. Serving as the sole ramp test set capable of verifying all aspects of next-generation transponder testing, including ADS-B, FIS-B, and TIS-B, it simplifies testing tasks for line technicians, with most tests accessible directly from the main user screens.

3. IFR4000 Nav/Comm Flight Line Test Set


The IFR 4000 is a compact, lightweight, and weather-resistant unit built for testing ILS, VOR, Marker Beacon, and VHF/UHF communications avionics systems. With its compact size (under 8 lbs.), extended battery life (8 hrs), and ergonomic design, the IFR 4000 stands as the most portable navigational communications ramp test set currently available. Its versatile design allows for seamless transition between cockpit and bench testing, while its menu-driven functionality and guided test capabilities ensure straightforward operation. With its exceptional price and comprehensive features, users receive unmatched value from this instrument.

4. GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator


The adaptable GPSG-1000 is a highly portable and user-friendly GPS and Galileo positional simulator, addressing a market need for an affordable 12-channel test set capable of generating three-dimensional simulations. Additionally, this innovative simulator is engineered to support software upgrades, enhancing its longevity and functionality. It serves as a versatile and efficient portable test set for GPS/GALILEO receivers, offering time-saving SBAS simulation including WAAS/EGNOS capabilities.

5. 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set


The 8800SX is a versatile radio test set supporting modern land mobile radio technologies. Its hybrid portable design suits both bench and field test environments. Featuring the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, it offers intuitive operation. With a swappable internal battery providing up to 3 hours of life, it's ideal for field use. Despite its affordability, its power accuracy rivals more expensive test equipment. It boasts advanced automated test and alignment capabilities, supporting a wide range of radios. Additionally, it offers fast VSWR and return loss plots for field antenna analysis, accurate distance to fault measurements for cable troubleshooting, and multi-language support. Its Analog Test System enables comprehensive testing of radio parameters, and it supports indoor signal coverage testing with TRX Systems NEON® Signal Mapper Application.

6. ATC-1400A DME/Transponder Test Set


When paired with accessory units like the T-1401, S-1403DL, or SI-1404, the ATC-1400A transforms into a comprehensive testing system for TACAN, Mode 4 IFF transponder, and Mode S transponder avionics equipment. It provides a continuous display of crucial parameters such as Unit Under Test (UUT), Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), reply percentage, transmitter frequency, and power.

Offering adjustable settings for Selective Level Suppression (SLS) and Echo Pulse Level, it also presents digital representation of decoded transponder reply pulses and supports various DME modes like acceleration, velocity, and range. Additionally, it includes features such as DME Serial Data Output, adaptable interference and double interrogation pulse positions, and supports remote operation via the IEEE 488-1978 bus.

7. 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set


The 3900 Digital Radio Test Set offers a portable testing solution for both professional analog and digital radio communications. It's designed to facilitate field upgrades, enabling users to install optional systems and features to enhance measurement and signaling capabilities in line with industry developments. Standard features comprise a Spectrum Analyzer, Channel Analyzer, and Oscilloscope.

  • 3901/3902 – these unit has been discontinued and replaced with 3920B
  • 3920/3920B - a robust radio testing instrument with a low phase noise RF signal generator, tailored for critical receiver testing in communication radios.

8. PSD60-2R AC Fuel Capacitance Test Set